• West Lake
    Community Association 

    For the residents of West Lake, Sheba’s Island, Wesley Acres and other small communities situated around the shores of West Lake

    The Executive, Board and Members of the West Lake Community Association are grateful to be able to live, learn and work in this traditional indigenous territory of the Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat and Haudenosaunee/Iroquois people.  We share in the responsibilities and obligations as stewards of the land and water.

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Our Mandate

The West Lake Community Association (WLCA) was formed to:

  • Promote interest, engage and encourage residents and visitors alike to help preserve the well-being and uniqueness of all the inhabitants of West Lake and the Wetlands. 
  • Address key issues that are of importance and concern to residents of West Lake, Sheba’s Island, Wesley Acres and other small communities situated around the shores of West Lake.
  • Act on the issues in a ‘unified community voice’.

The Association’s name was amended to West Lake Community Association (WLCA), which is so defined as being more inclusive of the smaller communities around West Lake’s shoreline, and separate from the more densely populated Wellington area.

See a Map of the West Lake area

A Message from the Chair 
The West Lake Community Association (WLCA) was formed to promote interest, engage and 
encourage residents and visitors alike to help preserve the uniqueness of West Lake and the 
Wetlands. As well as, to improve and maintain the well-being of all the inhabitants in this 
environmentally sensitive area. 
Please help us keep this special lake community safe and healthy for both humans and 
wildlife…slow down on our roads and be mindful of people riding their bicycles, walking and 
jogging…and the wildlife that may be attempting to safely traverse the road, or perhaps one of 
the endangered turtles laying her eggs along the side of the road!  
Thank You, 


Help us keep this special lake community safe and healthy for 
both humans and wildlife…slow down on our roads, and be mindful of the wildlife that may be attempting to safely 
traverse the road or perhaps one of our endangered turtles 
laying her eggs along the side of the road.